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Priebus Backtrack Shows GOP Silencing Of Republican Moderates

Fewer than 48 hours after telling the National Press Club about the RNC’s new plan to validate alternative positions within the Republican Party, Priebus was forced to take a step backward on an issue of major significance to the right wing of his organization. Reiterating that the Party “believes marriage is between one man and … Continue reading

The Dark Stain On George Bush’s HIV/AIDS Policy

The launch of the George W. Bush Presidential Library signals the beginning of the Bush restoration campaign. Allies of the 43rd President have already stated that they intend to return his name to good standing in the eyes of the American people, and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) will likely be at … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons Rick Perry Is Wrong About The Medicaid Expansion

While growing up in Texas, I learned to always respect a man who stands up for his principles. Rick Perry and the other statewide elected officials in my home state are making it pretty difficult to follow that lesson. With Senators Coryn and Cruz and Representatives Barton and Burgess at his side, the Governor of … Continue reading

Menendez Story Illustrates Difference Between Liberal And Conservative Media

There is common sentiment among “people in the know” that media outlets sympathetic with liberalism, like MSNBC and Think Progress, are the equivalents of the Fox News and Drudge Reports of the world. This line of thinking implies, because each media outlet is seen through the same lens, that all partisan commentary has equal moral … Continue reading

Portman’s Change Of Heart Shows Empathy Gap In Washington

Senator Rob Portman’s switch to the pro-marriage equality team should be applauded as an act of political courage. However, as a recent piece by Jonathan Chait points out, Portman’s conversion didn’t come about because of life-changing revelation or newfound compassion for his fellow man. Portman changed his mind because he has a gay son whom … Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s Crazy Budget Plan

Its been said that true insanity is when someone continuously repeats the same action and expects a different result.  If the saying is accurate then Paul Ryan might want to pay a visit to his doctor. Among a wide array of ideas that are anathema to the other side of the aisle, Ryan’s budget plan … Continue reading

Section Five Of The Voting Rights Act Is Worth Saving

Journalists all over the country are busy writing the obituary of an important provision of the Voting Rights Act after a Supreme Court hearing on the law today. The impetus for these prognostications stems from comments made by Justice Scalia, one of four ardently conservative justices on the nation’s highest court, who described section five … Continue reading

It is Time to Rethink US Energy Policy

Ending our nation’s dependence on foreign oil has long been a preoccupation of national policymakers. The 1970’s Arab oil embargo, September 11th terrorist attacks, and the continuing pain motorists feel at the pump have combined to convince Americans that they must liberate themselves from their energy reliance on Middle Eastern autocrats. This consensus has inspired … Continue reading

Critics Of Chris Christie’s Weight Should Lay Off

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed concerns about his weight at a press conference last Tuesday. This was something he should not have had to do. There are a lot of good reasons to criticize the Garden State governor (many of which I’d be happy to address in a later column), but his weight is … Continue reading

Nerds and Wonks: The Future of Public Intellectualism

Nerds and Wonks: The Future of Public Intellectualism President Theodore Roosevelt is famous for extolling the virtues of “walking tall and carrying a big stick”. This wisdom, handed down as a guiding principle for foreign policy, holds that one need not be the loudest voice in the room, as long they possess a source of … Continue reading